The concept of the brand, Aveena is brought alive in the fact that the milk contains no preservatives, added fat or flavor. We don’t use any hormones or other drugs to boost the yield of the cows. You receive the MILK AS IT IS produced by the cows. Our milk is brought to you by using the most sophisticated processing methods and completely untouched by human hands.

The brand was established to cater to the rising demand of milk consumption in India while assuring top quality without any contamination or adulteration of the milk and milk products.


Our Customers

  • To become the most relevant supplier of fresh dairy products, to the foodservice and retailing sectors in India.
  • To create true partnerships with our customers, offering innovative solutions and a superior service that meets and exceeds their requirements at all times.

Our Quality Standards

  • To supply dairy products of superior quality and value while maintaining an atmosphere of teamwork, trust and high business ethics within our business.
  • To provide excellent customer service to our customers and through innovation and diversity of our product range by keeping abreast with global dairy technology changes.

Our Employees

  • To provide opportunities for member involvement and advancement in the business.
  • To create an efficient, satisfying and rewarding work environment where employees may perform to their highest potential.
  • To provide a safe workplace, and reward our employees for achieving the highest quality and service to customers.


  • To customise products for quality, functionality and value.
  • To offer technical expertise to assist our customers to develop enhanced products.


  • To continue to build strong farmer relations while continuing to meet our business obligations and increase shareholder value.

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